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A pack is a group of products sold at a different price. They enable you to do some pretty great things without a long list of complicated features.

To create a pack, click on the +New button and click New Pack. This brings up a split screen with your available products on the left. Select the products you want included in your pack, then the quantity of each. Then fill out the pack details, the same way you'd fill out details for a product.

You will see two options for Access codes. The first option is to provide one access code for the entire pack. This option makes sense if the person purchasing the pack will be using all of the products within the pack. This is also a good option if everyone is being admitted at the same time (like a family pack). This is also how you would set up multi-redemption.

The second option is to assign individual Access codes to each product within the pack. This option could be used if different people are using different products within the pack and may not be redeemed at the same time. 

Packs can be used for:

  • Giving people the opportunity to save money by buying multiple tickets at once.
  • Giving people the opportunity to save money by buying tickets for more than one day or event at the same time.
  • Setting event level inventory if you have tickets that are pulling from the same total, but set a different price. For example, setting up a General Admission ticket, then creating a pack with it to sell Children or Senior tickets at a lower price.
  • Setting a discount for a certain sub-group of tickets. For example, if you'd like to sell 20 early bird tickets that are the same.
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