A pack is a group of products sold at a different price. Packs enable you to incentivize the purchase of multiple items together.

Create a pack

To create a pack, click on the +New button and click New Pack. This brings up a split screen with your available products on the left. Select the product(s) you want included in your pack, then the quantity of each. Then fill out the pack details, the same way you'd fill out details for a product.

Set inventory

When you create a product that will eventually go into a pack, you will give that product an inventory. When you create the pack, the inventory of the pack will be pulled from the inventory of the products inside of it. If one of your products sells out, the pack will no longer be available because there is no inventory left to pull from. 

Set quantity

When you create a pack you will set a quantity for each product included in the pack. The quantity determines how many of that individual product will be included in the pack. 

Select a pass code option

You will see two options for pass codes. The first option is to provide one pass code for the entire pack. This option makes sense if the person purchasing the pack will be using all of the products within the pack. 

The second option is to assign individual pass codes to each product within the pack. This option would be best if the products inside of the pack are going to be redeemed by multiple people and at separate times.

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