From your Orders report, find the order you'd like to refund. Click the Show Details button on the far right. In the bottom corner of the details window, you'll see a REFUND OPTIONS button. 

You can select all of the products or individual products to refund. You can also initiate a partial refund by specifying an amount to refund.

You can also choose in invalidate the token (pass code). You can invalidate a token whenever you would like, whether a full refund, a partial refund or no refund is initiated. You can also invalidate and re-invaliadate a token as many times as you need. 

Refund an order

Process a full order by selecting all of products within the order and then click Process & Update. 

Refund individual products within an order

You can refund individual products within a an order by simply selecting the product you need to refund and clicking Process & Update. 

Initiate a partial refund

You can initiate a refund for any amount you need on an individual product. You can refund an arbitrary amount the first time you initiate a partial refund. If you initiate a refund for a second time on the same product, you will only be able to refund the remaining amount. 

All refunds will be initiated back to the card that was used for the transaction. There are no fees to process a refund and the fees paid on the original transaction will be refunded. If you initiate a partial refund a portion of the fees paid will also be put back on the card that was used. 

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