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From your Orders report, find the order you'd like to refund. Click the Show Details button on the far right. In the bottom corner of the details window, you'll see a REFUND ORDER button. Clicking it brings up the refund window with the full order selected for refund. You can click the red check mark on any product or pack to refund the entire order, or select only the product(s) you would like to refund. Click PROCESS REFUND and you're all set. The access code(s) of anything refunded will no longer work.

Process a full order refund

Process a partial refund

While it is easy to refund a partial order, it isn't possible at this time to refund a partial product. Refund totals must match the corresponding number of products refunded.

All refunds will be initiated back to the card that was used for the transaction. There are no fees to process a refund and the fees paid on the original transaction will be refunded.

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